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We accept children as young as six months old! If you have any questions or special concerns about what kind of treatment we provide for children, please contact our office.
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A denture is a removable dental piece that replaces missing teeth and the surrounding tissue. Dentures are made by our lab to resemble your natural tooth as closely as possible, while also enhancing your smile. There are tow different kinds of dentures. The first kind is complete. This type of denture is used when all…
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Extracting a tooth may be necessary for several reasons. If our dentist feels that the tooth cannot be restored, she will recommend having it removed. When a tooth dies, it must be removed so as not to start decaying and causing infection in other teeth, Our goal is to help you keep the natural teeth…
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Root canal

Root canals are needed to repair the nerves of a tooth that have been damaged by decay or an infection. Repairing the tooth is a special procedure, Our dentist will remove the tissue inside the tooth, nerves, bacteria, and any decay around the tooth. She will then fill that empty space with medicated, dental materials.…
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